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Sarah Houston

Associate Director, CAESER

 Ten years ago, Sarah Houston deemed herself a water educator and has been pedaling a passion for water communication ever since. Houston has a diverse background working in both the corporate and non-profit worlds. At WaterPR and Hill + Knowlton Strategies, she worked in strategic communications and educational event planning, then went to manage STEM-based water science programs at the Colorado River Alliance. In 2016, Houston and her husband set out to adventure with a purpose - through Wander Like Water they use bicycle touring to connect YouTube viewers with water science. The project caught on quickly and their audience spans over 50 countries with a total of a half million views. In October 2019, Houston joined the team at the Center for Applied Earth Science and Engineering Research (CAESER) at the University of Memphis to position the center’s water research in a way the general public and elected officials can understand to protect the region’s water resources. Houston’s work embodies the need to integrate communication and education into all aspects of water management. Houston graduated with a B.A. in Political Science and Communications from Southwestern University. 

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