The 29th TWRS has been cancelled to to COVID-19 health concerns.



Call to Exhibitor

Attendees of the Symposium represent a wide array of water professionals in Tennessee, and exhibiting at the 29th Tennessee Water Resources Symposium provides a great opportunity to interact with potential key customers. Last year about 300 professionals from Federal and State water resource agencies, consulting firms, and universities attended the symposium.

An exhibit fee of only $350 gives exhibitors an excellent opportunity to showcase new technologies and meet new contacts. The exhibit area, which is co-located with registration and breaks and located immediately adjacent to the meeting rooms, ensures that you will have an opportunity to interact with a majority of the attendees.

Exhibit Schedule*:

Exhibit Set-Up:

Tuesday, April 21, 2020--3:00pm-6:00pm

Wednesday, April 22, 2020--7:00am-8:00am 

Exhibit Show Hour:

Wednesday, April 22, 2020--8:00am-6:00pm

Thursday, April 23, 2020--8:00am-6:00pm

Friday, April 24, 2020--8:00am-12:00pm

*Peak times will be during registration and breaks

Exhibit Rental

The fee is $350 per exhibit area, which includes:

  • Opportunity to demonstrate their equipment, services, techniques at the Vendor Equipment Demo session on 4/22/20 from 5:00pm to 6:00pm.
  • One 8 ft. draped table with two chairs and electricity 
  • Admission to all technical sessions (Wednesday-Friday), lunch (Wednesday and Thursday), and dinners (Wednesday and Thursday) for one registered exhibitor from each company (one additional person may be added for $75), 
  • A 50-word descriptive paragraph of your company’s products/services published in the final symposium proceedings provided that it is received by February 27, 2020; and 
  • A final attendee-registrant listing.

Exhibitor Registration Options (Application Deadline - February 27, 2020):

  • Online registration.  Click on button that says "Register to be an Exhibitor".
  • Mail-in or FAX Registration Download and fill out the Exhibitor page from the Registration Package
  • Fill out the required form FAX to Lori Weir at 615-837-4783 or mail to:


640 Grassmere Park, Suite 100

Nashville, TN 37211

ATTN: Lori Weir

Email your company's web address, your high resolution logo (.jpg preferred), a company description to Lori at, and any special needs you may have for your booth. An 8' table, 2 chairs, and electricty will be provided to all.

By sending in your logo, you agree that TNAWRA may use it in advertising on posters, in the Proceedings, and possibly on promotional items such as T-shirts. Both the logo and company description will be listed in the Proceedings (online). 

Reserved Spaces

  1.  Water & Land Solutions
  3.  KCI
  4.  Trutta Environmental Solutions
  5.  OTT Hydromet
  6. Stevens Water Monitoring
  7. vanEssen Instruments
  8.  YSI a Xylem Brand

  9. Ecosystem Planning & Restoration 
  10.  Integrated Technologies representing Aquashield


Guidelines for Exhibitors

The following practices are prohibited:

1. Noisy electrical or mechanical apparatus that interferes with other exhibits.

2. Volatile or flammable oils, greases, materials, or other explosives, or any substances prohibited by the city laws or insurance carriers, are not permitted on the premises.

3. Subleasing of exhibit space.

4. Canvassing or distributing any material outside of the exhibitor’s associated space.

5. Use of billboard advertising or displays of signs outside the exhibit area. 

6. Solicitation of business, or conferences in the interest of business, except by exhibiting firms, is prohibited.

7. Publicizing and monitoring of any extracurricular activities inducements, demonstrations, or displays outside the exhibit area during exhibit hours.

8. Attaching anything to the wall(s). Montgomery Bell State Park must grant authorization first (a fee may apply).

TN AWRA reserves the right to refuse the application of any company not meeting the required standards, as well as the right to curtail exhibits or parts of exhibits that detract from the character of the meeting. This authority also applies to displays, literature advertising novelties, souvenirs, and personal conduct.

TN AWRA reserves the sole and exclusive right to amend, modify, or change, from time to time, the rules and regulations herein contained so as to effect the terms and conditions of the agreement, and upon reasonable notice to the exhibitor, the exhibitor agrees to comply with such amendments, modifications, or changes as if fully and originally written herein.

LIABILITY: Exhibitors assume all responsibility for damages to the exhibit area and they shall indemnify and hold harmless the Tennessee Section American Water Resources Association, Montgomery Bell State Park, and any service contractors acting as agents to the TN AWRA from all liability which may ensue from any cause whatsoever.